We help companies build custom software solutions
We empower businesses to win the market by delivering ingenious and custom-made software. We provide a full cycle of software development services - from gathering the requirements to implementation of innovative solutions.
iOS app development
Our iOS developers can build a wide range of applications not only for iPhone and iPad but also for other devices from Apple ecosystems such as Apple TV and Apple Watch.
Android app development
APP TVINS, TOV has been delivering Android applications since the very first release of platform. Our QA engineers make sure the apps perform and look the same on all the diversity of Android devices.
Cross-platform app development
To achieve quick delivery of MVP and the fastest time-to-market we provide cross-platform app development. We focus on React Native, Flutter and Xamarin app development.
Mobile software development and related services
offers a wide range of solutions and services thus making us a reliable mobile development company for clients from different industries. Reliability of our services and client oriented approach have always been a priority for us when it comes to mobile software development.
Mobile development services for various business domains
Our mobile developers have a deep understanding of the specifics of particular industries. Profound domain knowledge coupled with observance of market trends allow us deliver solutions that meet business goals and provide value to end users.
Education app development
Cogniteq mobile team builds B2B and B2C eLearning apps. The courses and materials provided can be available either online or offline. The AI, VR, chatbots and gamification solutions that we develop make the educational process interactive, engaging and efficient.
Healthcare app development
APP builds mobile apps for healthcare institutions to assist doctors in diagnostics and treatment, administration and organizational issues. The IoT solutions that we develop are used in telemedicine and allow real-time secure data exchange with medical equipment of various types.
Sports mobile app development
In accordance with our clients’ needs App creates apps that monitor different sports updates, schedules, game reports. The AI features analyze sports data to make predictions of game outcomes. We also build advanced wearable health and fitness apps powered by AI and IoT technologies.
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